General Instructions

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A copy of the Proposal must be submitted by the Consortium Lead (or the Consortium Lead's Institute, where appropriate, in accordance with requirement in the National Annexes) through the electronic proposal system accessible at, by the opportunity deadline. Consortium Lead and the Partner PIs of each consortium may also be contacted separately by their national Funding Agencies, as appropriate, for detailed guidance on how to submit one copy of the Proposal through their national systems.

Proposals are to be submitted through the electronic proposal system and Consortium Leads are requested to write the proposals directly into the system. However, MS Word File Form could be used in the process of completing the proposal and used to share the proposal among your consortium members.

General guidance for all applicants:

  • Save often!
  • The proposal must be written in English.
  • When preparing the Proposal it is useful to remember the Selection Criteria on which it will be evaluated. please see the Call for Proposals at for details. For questions, contact your National Call Contact Points, as indicated in the national annexes at
  • The different sections of the application should not exceed the prescribed maximum number of characters. Characters (including spaces) beyond the limit will be removed.
  • Non-text descriptions such as graphic chart, diagrams, figures, etc., can be presented only in the two sections, 10 (Project description) and 11 (Management Plan) and should be uploaded into the system in a PDF format; graphics up to half a page count as 200 characters per graphic, over a half page and up to a full page as 400 characters per graphic.
  • Any documents other than those requested as part of the proposal will not be forwarded to External Reviewers or Panel members.
  • All uploaded documents must be in Portable Document Format (.pdf).
  • Applications can be completed in multiple steps during multiple sessions and in any order.
  • The Consortium Lead may edit, submit, and/or retract an application up until the opportunity deadline. At which point, the system will lock the application.
  • Late applications cannot be submitted and will not be considered.

Create an account

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  4. Enter a password
  5. Click submit
Once you create your account, login and begin the application process.

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Complete the application

  1. Login
  2. Select the application you want to work with from the apply page.
  3. Select the section you want to work on from the list on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Follow the specific instructions for each section (available by clicking the "[Show/Hide]" next to the "Instructions" heading).
  5. Always click "Save" before continuing to another section.
  6. End your session by clicking "Save" and then select "Logout" from the left-hand side of the page.
  7. Login to return to your account. The application will appear as you left it during your last session.
  8. Edit, remove, or add new information to any section at any time before the opportunity deadline.
  9. Check your revised application's content from the View Application page.

Thank you for your interest.