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The Belmont Forum is a high level group of the world's major and emerging funders of global environmental change research and international science councils. Please visit for more information on the Belmont Forum.

A list of current members of the Belmont Forum is available here.

Current Opportunities

Climate, Environment, and Health II (CEH II 2023)

CEH II 2023
Full Proposals

Invited Full Proposal Opens: 19 October 2023
Full Proposals Due:
29 February 2024 20:00 UTC

Belmont Forum's Latest Collaborative Research Action will address the nexus of Climate, Environment, and Health. The purpose of this call is to address an unmet need to promote, mobilize, and establish an inclusive, transdisciplinary funding scheme, through the preservation and celebration of diverse communities, research topics, ecosystems, and creative transformative solutions. One ambitious goal for this CRA will hopefully create a comprehensive culture shift through education, research, service, and advocacy to inspire a world where all animals and humans can thrive - through the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine, and environmental science - and by adapting and protecting Earth's natural systems for generations to come.

Call themes:

  • Theme 1 - Decision-science of environmental behavior and implementation
  • Theme 2 - Food, Environment, and Biological Security
  • Theme 3 - Climate Risks to Ecosystems and Populations

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  • Call Opens: 14 April 2023
  • Registrations Due (Extended): 17 July 2023, 20:00 UTC

Opportunities Under Review

Climate and Cultural Heritage (CCH 2023)

CCH 2023

Call Opens: 26 April 2023
Proposals Due:
8 September 2023, 20:00 UTC

The Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiatives Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate) and Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH) are pleased to announce the launch of a Collaborative Research Action (CRA) on the theme Climate and Cultural Heritage - Collaborative research to address urgent challenges.

This Call aims to support transdisciplinary and convergent research approaches on cultural heritage and climate change, to foster collaboration among the research community across several regions, and to contribute to knowledge advances and policy change at the global level. Applicants are invited to submit research proposals that address at least one of the three call themes:

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage;
  2. Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation;
  3. Sustainable Solutions for Heritage.

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  • Call Opens: 26 April 2023
  • Proposals Due: 8 September 2023, 20:00 UTC

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